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Grass Lawn

Expert Sod Installation

Growing a lawn from grass seed takes patience, effort, and the right weather conditions. Why not get a great-looking lawn now with sod installation from us? Our sod installation experts have years of experience in nurturing gorgeous, healthy lawns for our customers. For sod lawn installation you can trust, look no further than Landscaping Yuma.

Sod Installation Experts
At Landscaping Yuma, a well-established licensed and insured lawn care company, we are dedicated to providing you with the very best value in high-quality sod installation. You can count on a high-quality product and service at a reasonable price when you purchase a sod installation plan from us.

Our sod installation team has over 10 years experience, and we work with only the highest quality of sod provider in the Arizona area. We use this high quality, dependable sod provider because they offer the widest variety of types of grass (several different types of Bermuda, St. Augustine and Zoysia) and we never have any problem with weed or pest infestation when using this premium sod.

Our sod installation process is professional and effective. A sod installation expert from Landscaping Yuma will examine and evaluate the property to determine the sun/shade mix that your lawn currently gets. We will review your options and suggest the best sod type(s) for you to have installed. Once you have made a decision on the type of sod you would like, we will provide a detailed estimate of what it will cost to have the sod delivered and installed. We will then set a time and date for the job to be completed.

Sod or Artificial Turf

What to expect on the day of your new sod installation

  • Remove all of the existing grass and weeds
  • Mark off the location of the sprinkler heads
  • Roto-till the lawn to loosen the soil and promote healthy root growth.
  • Apply a top dressing to resurface the yard where needed.
  • Install the new sod in a staggering joint fashion to ensure you do not encounter any water runoff with the new sod.
  • Water roll in the new sod for great root contact and a smooth finish.
  • Test sprinkler system and provide watering instructions

Fresh Sod Care

Fresh sod requires a different maintenance routine than a regular lawn does. Avoid the temptation to put perfect mow lines or have a picnic on your new lawn. Follow these sod care tips to ensure your new sod takes root:

First Week

  • Avoid overwatering, but never allow the sod to dry out. Water the sod three to four times a day for five to ten minutes.
  • Avoid watering the sod in the evening.
  • Avoid foot traffic on your new lawn for at least two weeks.

Second Week

  • Water the lawn for 30 minutes every day, twice a day if necessary.

Third Week and Beyond

  • After three weeks, you can mow the lawn. Keep the mower deck high, and never mow more than 1/3 the length of the grass blades.
  • Fertilize your new sod six weeks after installation.

Sod installation is in investment, and failure often comes from improper care and maintenance. This is why at Landscaping Yuma, we can provide lawn installation & maintenance services to ensure the sod becomes established and looks great for years to come.